A Note on YEGooners Merchandise

The home kit launch today and all this talk about merchandise got me thinking about the YEGooners merchandise we have for sale.

For clarification’s sake, I just wanted to let any potential buyers out there know that the proceeds from the sale of that merchandise goes directly back into the club. We get a small commission from the sale of each product, while the rest goes to Spreadshirt. I’ve tried to keep that commission low — usually $5 per item — to keep the items affordable.

That money helps pay for the maintenance and upkeep of this website. In the future, should we generate enough revenue, we may look at getting a custom flag made up, or even custom scarves for members.

All the items in the shop were designed by me. If there’s something missing, a product you’d like to see added to the shop or a different colour combination, please email me and let me know. That’s especially true for the phone cases — I made a few up for certain models, but there are other options available on Spreadshirt.

For most of the clothing, I’ve set the default colours of the base clothing to what I think looks best, but of course you are free to put the designs on any colour you choose.

Personally, I’ve ordered a ball cap, a mouse pad, a T-shirt and a polo shirt. I’m thrilled with how they all turned out. The only one of those not in regular use so far is the polo shirt, because I ordered it a size too big (you never can tell with sizing sometimes) and I need to shrink it down first.

Let me know what you think of the merchandise either by email or in the comments.

— Glenn Cook


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