Weird Merchandise

Just about every Gooner has an Arsenal kit hanging in his or her closet. Personally, I have several, including a goalkeeper kit with the name “GUNIT” emblazoned across the back (don’t ask — it’s a long story). And most have a scarf with red and white bars to go along with it, one that gets raised high above the head before kickoff and then squeezed and wrung forcefully in the final few minutes of a match.

But aside from jerseys and scarves, there are plenty of other things bearing the Arsenal crest that can be ordered from the club shop or other outlets. My own collection of Arsenal paraphernalia, aside from jerseys and scarves, includes:

  • A tie
  • Cufflinks
  • A chrome business card holder
  • Three sweaters: One V-neck, one crew neck and one cardigan
  • Three jackets: A rain jacket, a 2014-2015 anthem jacket, and a
  • A fridge magnet
  • A lanyard
  • A framed photo montage from the 2014 FA Cup victory
  • A “2014 FA Cup Winners” T-shirt
  • At least three polo shirts
  • Track pants
  • A pullover hoodie
  • A ball cap that, despite being listed as “one size fits all,” is a bit too small for my big head
  • A flag
  • A window decal on my car’s windshield
  • A bar set (pint glass, coasters, towel)

That’s more than I should probably admit, but there’s probably more that I’ve forgotten about. Plus I just ordered the 2014-2015 away shorts and cup kit socks last week, which have yet to arrive from the United Kingdom. And I plan to add a few more pieces from the 2015-2016 line of merchandise once it goes on sale on June 26.

What is your most unusual piece of Arsenal merchandise? Let me know in the comments.

— Glenn Cook


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